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Who are the market makers in the forex market?

Who are the market makers in the forex market?

All can be regarded Forex companies in online Forex market makers. Comes the label, which they are doing exactly that. Understand the market make this call on them to market makers. When you place an order with the company, it does not come out on the floor trading, it stays on the Internet.
Through the definition of the term, the market makers are located on the other side of the trading process, if you are a buyer, they are sellers, and vice versa. When exhausted all purchase orders at any given price, the market will move. Market makers are still Iviadon by the number of sales and purchase of any pair of currencies Forex pairs operations. They cannot overcome.
Conflict of interest?

Who are the market makers in the forex market?

At first glance, it seems as if the market makers are working in ways that lead to a conflict of interest. But in the end, they do not match buy and sell orders from individual traders, but they take the opposite side of the trading process.
But in order to create an equal flow of volume and patterns, the system appears to be working. On the contrary of the general belief, the vast majority of Forex traders do not work against. They have become market makers to help them and keep them in the market, it is not wise policy to waste traders, and certainly, this will not lead to the company's survival in the market for a long time.
Additions added
It gets traders who trade through market makers on the additional benefits. Most companies offer live tables on the internet, technical analysis, market news, and some even offer courses.
May not need or want to Rolling experienced any of the things offered by market makers, and preferred trading with commercial industries. And here comes the role of ECN companies. It includes a commission, and rolling out the quantities must be greater. Greater volatility in the price volatility, which means that this is definitely not suitable for novices.
There are pros and cons to both methods in trading. But it is possible to say the same thing about anything. The definition of any of the market makers in any way will be brief. There are a lot of traders who practice this method and reap good profits. And they are very happy with the current situation of the market.
Is there room for development? Yes, of course!. The existence of legislation CFTC and other legislated authorities which monitors the forex market closely, it will improve. But with a daily trading value of trillions of dollars, the market will develop excellent for what it is now.
No one is trading for charitable goals, and the companies that act like market makers in the Forex market certainly exist also to achieve profits. But even these companies be able to continue, they should make the market look attractive to traders involved, and will continue this.
If, in spite of the long journey to reach the ideal system, the current system allows for some wonderful and brilliant opportunities trading.

Who are the market makers in the forex market?

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